AQUABALM is a new natural skin care product from Iceland, with a revolutionary moisturising technology, derived from natural marine enzymes from the Arctic Ocean.

AQUABALM can be used for many conditions as well as cosmetic and beauty treatments.
  • Its unique characteristic is the enzyme trypsin's natural ability to cleave concentrations of pathological proteins from the surface cell membrane permitting leukocyte activity to remove damaged cells.
  • It stimulates the natural removal of virus-infected cells, bacteria, fungi, various pathogens and assisting immune system defences, thus bringing renewed health and beauty to the skin.

AQUABALM is presented as a cosmetic or cosmeceutical product, meaning it has enhanced cosmetic properties. Ecobrands follows the regulations laid down by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and its packaging product descriptions are compliant with the guidelines. However, from the professional health perspective, it means that no references can be made to successful medical trials or any medical claims made about the AQUABALM product on the packaging.

AQUABALM is the new brand name for the Icelandic product known as Penzim. The Icelandic company Zymetech is proposing to undertake clinical trials in two dermatological conditions to achieve a full product license. 

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What Others Are Saying:

“I am a model and I regularly use AQUABALM as a base under makeup or mix a few “magic” drops into my daily moisturing cream. Definitely keeps my skin looking more vibrant!”- Rosanne G (London)

“This deeply moisturising balm helped me to prevent stretch marks. Each day I rubbed AQUABALM on thighs, bottom and tummy, it really helped to retain the skin’s elasticity. It’s also works its magic for diminishing those fine lines. Merci.” - Christine M (Paris)

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