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AQUABALM is a new natural skin care product developed in Iceland, with a revolutionary moisturizing technology derived from natural marine enzymes from the Arctic Ocean. To learn more about us, or for any inquiries, please see this page:


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  • anne du chastel

    The concept, the quality and the efficiency of Aquabalm are very impressive.

    Merci beaucoup !


  • Dee Sharpley

    When my sister and my neice visited after a long absence, they asked if I had recently had Botox. This I have never even considered, but said I’d been given some Penzim(Aquabalm) by a friend to try, she said it was wonderful, so I’m using it daily to get rid of my lines on my face. I was told I looked under 50 but I’m actually 61, so it must be good!!!! Now they all want some and my sister is very critical, so it was some compliment.

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