AQUABALM is a new skin care range from Iceland, introducing revolutionary moisturizing technology, derived from natural marine enzymes sourced from the Arctic Ocean.

There are proven scientific reasons why Aquabalm is so effective for several dermatological problems as well as providing relief for cramped muscles. They may not seem related but the enzyme trypsin is present in most remedial processes in the body. Being outdoors after the winter we are subjected to more UV radiation, often without realizing it.

For women and men the simplest “rescue remedy” is to rub a one or two squirts of Gel into the face and parts of the skin that have been exposed at bed time. Believe me; you will notice the difference in the morning. Less is best! Gel is a bit sticky if you put too much. The trypsin enzyme is very sensitive so it cannot be put into any cosmetic formulation and works at its best in glycerol.

AQUABALM is a harmonious blend of nature and science for daily skin care and dry skin emergencies. Learn more about the and it has many other beneficial properties of Aquabalm - Innovative Natural Skin Care Solution.

Please visit our website from time to time as our scientific team in Iceland is constantly testing and working on new formulations and we will announce a new line of innovative natural skin care products soon. Order Aquabalm - Natural Skin Care Product

Thank you for trying AQUABALM and if you would like to share a review or testimonial about its action or effect on you, we would be glad to hear from you.

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Robin Baker, Managing Director
The active ingredient in AQUABALM was first discovered by Icelandic fishermen who used it on their chapped hands. Many years of biochemical research at the University of Iceland followed, to develop AQUABALM as a breakthrough skin cosmetic treatment.

AQUABALM hydrates, repairs and rejuvenates your skin.
Amazing Benefits To Get You A Youthful Skin
  • Revitalizes your skin and reduces skin-aging
  • Stimulates the renewal of skin cells
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothens rough skin texture
  • Promote healthy even skin tone
  • Healthy younger looking skin

AQUABALM contains purified enzymes proven to have skin-care and anti-aging properties. In addition to giving you a youthful skin, it can also bring relief from a variety of skin conditions, and for swelling, muscle pains and on joints. AQUABALM is the English name of the innovative Icelandic product called Penzim™.

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What Others Are Saying:

“I am a model and I regularly use AQUABALM as a base under makeup or mix a few “magic” drops into my daily moisturing cream. Definitely keeps my skin looking more vibrant!”- Rosanne G (London)

“This deeply moisturising balm helped me to prevent stretch marks. Each day I rubbed AQUABALM on thighs, bottom and tummy, it really helped to retain the skin’s elasticity. It’s also works its magic for diminishing those fine lines. Merci.” - Christine M (Paris)

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