And start benefiting your skin from this revolutionary moisturising technology, derived from natural marine enzymes sourced from the Arctic Ocean! Your order will be shipped from London and will reach most locations worldwide within a week.

  • Apply onto spots & blemishes; bites & stings also respond well
  • Rub into muscles– relieves tiredness, soreness, swelling, muscle spasms
  • Soothe and repair the effects of sunburn
  • Massage into joints– helps to provide anti-inflamatory action

Use AQUABALM Spray to
  • Rehydrate and moisturise dry skin - Day or Night moisturiser
  • Help Anti-aging by reducing wrinkles and lines
  • Smooth out marks and scars
  • Reduce irritation, itchiness and redness

Message for outdoor people (both women and men): AQUABALM rapidly restores UV effected skin after spending time in the sun. Rub a small a amount on face or exposed skin at the end of the day and see the difference when you wake-up in the morning.   

To place your order, please select the payment button for Gel (special price) or Spray based on your location. For any questions about AQUABALM or how to pay, please write to us.

Order AQUABALM today to experience the best natural skin care product out there!

1st January 2013

Dear Customer,


Both Aquabalm Spray and Gel are out of stock from this website.

We are arranging new Aquabalm supplies in early 2013 and they will be available on this website.

Meanwhile, supplies of Aquabalm Gel are available from Roger Golten: www.golten.co.uk

What Others Are Saying:

“I am a model and I regularly use AQUABALM as a base under makeup or mix a few “magic” drops into my daily moisturing cream. Definitely keeps my skin looking more vibrant!”- Rosanne G (London)

“This deeply moisturising balm helped me to prevent stretch marks. Each day I rubbed AQUABALM on thighs, bottom and tummy, it really helped to retain the skin’s elasticity. It’s also works its magic for diminishing those fine lines. Merci.” - Christine M (Paris)

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