“I am a model and I regularly use AQUABALM as a base under makeup or mix a few “magic” drops into my daily moisturing cream. Definitely keeps my skin looking more vibrant!”- Rosanne G (London)

“This deeply moisturising balm helped me to prevent stretch marks. Each day I rubbed AQUABALM on thighs, bottom and tummy, it really helped to retain the skin’s elasticity. It’s also works its magic for diminishing those fine lines. Merci.” - Christine M (Paris)

“In my busy Hellerwork practice I need to protect my hands which develop dry calluses on knuckles and fingertips. Using AQUABALM overnight softened the skin and I was aware of a new-found sensitivity in my fingers. AQUABALM has a lasting effect even after hand washing. My clients have reported relief from eczema, age spots and other skin issues.”- Roger Golten (Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner)

“I can’t see myself living without AQUABALM I started using it on my face and seeing the great results I then started using it for varicose veins to rough heels, for stings and other skins problems.” -Virginia L (London)

“I found that AQUABALM helps treat psoriasis by moisturising and exfoliating patches of very dry skin. The skin starts to repair and rejuvenate with only three applications. It obviously contains some active ingredients key to psoriasis treatment.” -Robert M (Buckinghamshire)

“I have suffered from acne well into my twenties. The products I used felt harsh and were drying up my skin. But now I use AQUABALM and no longer need to plaster my face in make-up. This product is amazing! It feels healthy, balances my skin and helps it repair itself.” - Gemma R (London)

“When travelling, AQUABALM is an essential. It soothes bites, stings and sunburn. Recently, on the beach, I overdid the time in the sun and by the evening my skin was bright red and almost too sensitive to touch. I covered the burnt areas with AQUABALM Spray and went to bed. By the morning all swelling and irritation had gone and my skin was soft and tanned. I definitely recommend AQUABALM as a ‘must have’ after sun ointment”. - James McP (Edinburgh)

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